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Bluebird Quilt Studio Presents 


Megan Best, National Handi Quilter Educator  

November 11-13, 2021 



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Join Bluebird Quilt Studio, HQ Way award winning shop in welcoming National Handi Quilter Educator, Megan Best in this LIVE VIRTUAL WORKSHOP ON ZOOM.  Megan is a veteran Handi Quilter Educator with over 25 years experience as a professional long arm quilt artist.  She is also an ambassador and designer for Island Batiks.  Megan  has joined us at Bluebird on several virtual workshops and is an excellent online instructor and a “fan favorite”.  Her insights will be sure to grow your skills whether you are new to the quilting world or a seasoned quilter.  Join us for these inspiring adventures in quilting November 11, 12 and 13 2021.  Class days will be live on zoom and  broken into a morning and afternoon sessions, time to practice independently  and a live virtual troubleshooting/Q&A session in the afternoon with Megan.  This format has been very successful for our quilting students, focused instruction with practice time and Q and A!    Live instruction from a National Educator  in the safety of your own home with your own machine!  What a great quilting adventure!  Join us!  We are also excited to offer a “front row seat option” for the workshop in our new Long Arm Education Studio in Nampa with beautiful new machines equipped with prostitchers and in person Bluebird TLC and encouragement!

ONE !Thursday November 11, 2021:  This day of instruction is adaptable to domestic machine quilting!  Join us to share in the excitement of improving your quilting designing skills and learn some basic free motion quilting awesomeness!

Morning session (9-11 am MST) I’m Done Piecing-  Now What?  

Everyone can learn something new in this basic class!  Preparing your quilt top properly, choosing and marking designs on your quilt and selecting batting and backings will all be covered in this class.  Threads, needles and tension, the nemesis of most quilters, will be discussed.  Bring your finished quilt tops if you like to explore different design ideas for your quilts.  (Please provide a quality design wall shot picture of your quilt to BQS one week prior to the class for additional help from Megan and our staff at Bluebird with design ideas.)

Morning Independent Practice Session and Lunch (11 12 p.m. MST) 

Afternoon session (12-2 p.m  MST)   Free Motion Quilting.  You Can Do It!

Ready to tackle free motion quilting?  It’s as easy as starting with a few simple shapes!  By beginning with drawing you can develop an inventory of free motion designs that you can stitch out in a continuous path.  This class is appropriate for ALL machine quilters, whether you are a domestic machine owner or a long arm lover. Fun fills, creative borders and easy blocks will all be demonstrated.  Quilting out beautiful designs using free motion techniques will take your skills to the next level.    

Afternoon Independent Practice (2-3 p.m. MST)

Virtual Live Question and Answer Session with Megan and the Class from 3 to 4 p.m.

TWO!  Friday November 12, 2021:  This day of Quilting is for those of you who would like to “up your game” with rulers or explore stitching with  digital designs using a Pro Stitcher.  All are welcome!  Ask about stitching along in the afternoon using our studio Pro Stitcher machines. 

Morning session (9-11am MST)  What’s New with HQ Rulers  

Ready to add a little precision and polish to your quilts?  Rulers are the answer!    An introduction to rulers will be followed by some fresh ideas for ruler quilting including lining up a perfect row of circles, arcs and cross hatching.  You will also be introduced to echo feet, a tool to increase  creative possibilities with your rulers.  

Afternoon session (12-2 p.m 12 MST)  Pro Stitcher Basics  

An introduction to the fundamental principles of digital quilting on your long arm.    Pro-Stitcher is an intuitive computer-guided quilting system designed especially for use with Handi Quilter long arm quilting machines.  User-friendly and simple to operate, the step-by-step process for each function turns your quilting machine into a powerhouse of quilting design possibilities.  Whether finishing your own quilts or might be quilting for others as a business, come see the elegant and precise quilting you can accomplish with Pro-Stitcher.  Newbies start here!  :)  Class will include overview of functions, and using area, skew, resize, and basic alignment.  Bluebird quilt studio nest, equipped with several Amaras and a Forte with pro stitcher may be used for practice of the presented basic skills by appointment for attendees after the workshop so everyone who wants to join in the fun of digital quilting can get an opportunity to quilt with this amazing tool!

Afternoon Independent Practice (2-3 p.m.)

Virtual Live Question and Answer Session with Megan and the Class  from 3 to 4 p.m.  

THREE!  Saturday November 13, 2021:   This day of instruction is for those ready for a challenge to expand their minds with novel tools and techniques using Pro Stitcher and Pro Stitcher Designer.  

Morning session (9-11am MST)  Pro Stitcher  Movin’ on Up

Are you ready to take your Pro Stitcher skills up a notch?  This class focuses on combining designs to create new options for your quilts.  We will take the basic edge to edge and show you how to set it up three ways, and then focus on advancing your quilt for maximum accuracy.    Strategies for common hurdles for design alignment will be discussed.

Morning practice Session and Lunch (11 a.m.  to 12 p.m. MST)

Afternoon session (12-2 p.m  MST)  Prostitcher Designer

Pro Stitcher designer is a full featured, vector-based drawing software that gives you the ability to quickly design, edit, customize, export/import any quilt motif you can imagine or acquire in vector based formats.  This class will start with a basic overview of the easy to use features.  New users will be creating their own digital designs for their next quilting project by the end of this class.  You will need Pro Stitcher designer (available for purchase or complimentary with your prostitcher purchase) installed on your laptop to practice these skills.

Afternoon Independent Practice (2-3 p.m.)

Virtual Live Question and Answer Session with Megan and the Class   (3 to 4 p.m.)

REGISTRATION FOR THE EVENT $ 99 per day, or $249 for the entire event.  Bluebird Quilt Studio Handi Quilter Machine Owners pricing is reduced to $79/day of $199 for the entire event.  “Front Row Seats ” in our new Handi Quilter long arm studio are available for those who would like to demo machines with live in studio instructional support during the three days of the event with extended hands on practice sessions on our beautiful new Amara/Prostitcher machines for the event.  Masks required in our studio at this time.  Call us at 208-467-4148 for availability and pricing.  (For a sneak peak of Megan’s amazing quilting, check out her webpage at

Special pricing on all things Handiquilter, including special event pricing on machines will be available to workshop attendees.  



Join us for this adventure into creativity! The summer art quilt series will have three target projects:  a tulip wall hanging, (shown in the above photo), a zippered pouch, and a landscape with a focal point of your design!  The workshop format is one hour of direct instruction, followed by two hours of guided instruction with ideas, inspiration, strategies and encouragement to complete the intended target projects.

Dyeing To Create!

Dying fabric immersion, sun printing and  and ice dying techniques. Dye up to three yards of cotton, which are needed for the three class projects.

Painting Fabrics
Direct application of fabric paints/dyes, spray, stencil, monoprinting and sky painting techniques will be explored. We will provide you with stencils/plans to produce several projects for this series. Paint/dye up to three yards of cotton.  

Strategic Planning of an Art Quilt
Creating a compelling starting point to launch your art quilt. Tools and basic art principles to inspire, challenge and bring an element of whimsey and a plan to layer and stitch your designs. Develop a plan for a ufo, and a newly dyed piece of fabric with lots of help and inspiration to spare.

Machine Quilting and Applique Techniques

Tips for stitching and adding elements of thread art to your quilt.  We will continue to enhance the design with paint, fibers and markers Quilt the backgrounds of tulip wall hanging and and apply appliqués of tulip quilt. 

(Note:  To do the machine quilting class during the time allotted in this the enrolled student should be familiar with basic free motion quilting techniques.  (We have a fantastic free motion quilting class, our  QUILTING CONFIDENCE ACADEMY   if you would like to join us, to improve your free motion stitching skills.)

Adding Embellishments to Art Quilts
A variety of embellishment techniques will be used to create a one of a kind zippered pouch using the quilted backgrounds previously stitched.  Bling, foil, stamps, foil, and many more techniques will be discussed. We will complete the embellishment aspects of our quilt projects.  Bees, floral elements with style, are just too much fun, you'll will unleash your creativity.  Guaranteed to make you smile!

Finishing Techniques For Art Quilts
Traditional and not so traditional ways to frame, finish and display your new projects.We will finish up the tulip and quilted bag projects.

Making It Your Own
Layered Landscapes with YOUR hand dyed sky/landscape fabrics. We will help you find your way into your landscape quilt  by assisting  with planning your focal point, layout and  begin execution of the background elements in a land of your imagination.

Making It Your Own II
Techniques for preparing and executing your own layered focal point appliqués.
Tools and techniques to easily execute layered appliqués with artistry and your own personal style. If you prefer, Bluebird has some great kits for this layered appliqué technique. Precut laser appliqué kits/patterns are not included with this class, but may be added to your quilted landscape for a great touch


Registration Information 
Art Quilt Series and required class kit $349 

Includes the entire 4 days of guided instructional series (and lots of encouragement), handouts, patterns, 4 yards of prepared for dyeing cotton, 4 yards of muslin for backings, quilting cotton, batting, bag zipper, stabilizers, hardware, pre cut appliqué’s for the tulip quilt, embellishments (gotta love that bling!), paints, dyes, access to class stencils studio tools for the two class projects.  We've made it easy to create with confidence by gathering all the required supplies for your enjoyment (and no mess to clean up for you!) Preferential placement given to those who opt for the full series of workshops!

One Day of Quilt art fun!  $79
Six hours of guided instruction, patterns and access to studio supplies. (no  fabrics, batting or background are provided).  

Single 3 hour workshop $45 
Instruction, patterns and access to studio art supplies and embellishments. (no fabrics, batting or background are provided)  

$25 non-refundable deposit required to reserve your spot.
These workshops require a minimum registration in order for the classes to hold.  Invite a friend to join you and double the fun!

  •  Currently during Corona Virus concerns, we will be open 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Tuesday through Friday
  • and 10 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Saturdays.
  • Please wear a mask so that our nest remains safe for all of "our flock."  Immune compromised staff members will be serving you.  

    • 311 14th Ave South Nampa, Id 83651
    • Ph: 208.467.4148