Skillbuilders 2018 is here! Join us for our monthly sessions where we will have a "look what's new" moment, show and tell, and a short lesson/demo of a tip, tool, or technique each month. This is such a fun program and we love seeing everyone gain skills and make friendships!

If you've never participated in this program it works like this:  $50 gets you started with the pattern and all the background fabrics. Come the following month with your completed block and the next one is free. ($5 if your block isn't complete or if you can't make the time slot) When the series is over, receive 15% off any batting, backing, border/sashing fabrics to complete your quilt. If you need extra help we have an applique class scheduled ahead of the first skillbuilder session ($30) that teaches both hand and machine turned edge techniques.

Available in both a warm (yellow, peach, orange, red, lime green) and cool (pink, lavender, purple, blue, green) colorway, and your choice of neutral or black background.

Contact us to get started!