UFO Challenge 2018

The arrival of December on the calendar has several meanings. Christmas shopping, decorating, baking, more shopping, cleaning, another year come and gone.  But this year, our amazing customers finished so many quilting projects and we are so proud of everyone! We are sure that many of you are in the same frame of mind.  The staff at Bluebird Quilt Studio had so much fun with the 2017 UFO Challenge, we want to do it again. We would like for you to join our 2018 UFO Challenge.


Part of Our UFO Challenge this year is our Sew Much Love Quilt Project.  Bluebird Quilt Studio has partnered with Love Inc. to give quilts to children in the Treasure Valley who are removed from their homes for a variety of domestic issues.  Statistics show that 1200 Treasure Valley children find themselves in this situation each year.  We have prepared 3 yard kits of loosely coordinated prints to make quilts for children who need a little warmth in their lives.  We have a goal of 100+ quilts.  Please help us reach our goal.


Our Challenge for you this year is to finish 13 projects.

#1---A Sew Much Love Quilt

#2 thru #13---12 UFO projects that you really want to finish. 


Make a list of the projects you want to finish.  Set your goals.  Remember, these are your goals. Make them possible!  Maybe you need to finish 12 quilt blocks, you have 6 completed so there are 6 to do.  Can you do that in January? In February you might be able to put all 12 blocks into a quilt top and in March you might be able to sandwich your top with batting and backing and get it all quilted.  With some binding in April, you have completed the quilt that you thought you would never finish.  Bring you punch card to Bluebird Quilt Studio each month and get it punched every time you reach one of your goals.  By the end of the year, you will have a punched card that qualifies you for the prize drawings. 


There has been some confusion about the punch cards.  There are 12 circles bordering the card. Each circle represents one month.  We did not label them. (Feel free to label them if you want to.) We will punch ONE circle each month when you reach one of your goals. 


Make your goals challenging, finishing a potholder is NOT an acceptable goal.  However don’t make them so challenging that you feel defeated before you ever start.  This year one of your goals might be organizing your sewing space. (See our February seminar offering) Bring in a picture of the new organized you.  Refinishing your dining room table is a lofty goal, but not a UFO quilting project for the 2018 UFO Challenge. In December 2018, your punched participation card will make you eligible for several drawings at our year end party.  Even if you finish only one UFO, a finished project is an accomplishment worth celebrating.


We are looking forward to helping you reach your quilting goals in 2018.