October 12, October 16-20 2017

Do you wish you had more confidence in your chosen method of quilting, whether it be long arm or quilting with you home machine? Join us for an intensive quilting workshop lecture series taking you from core knowledge through advanced quilting design and free motion mastery. This series of workshops, will take your skills from where you are to a more confident quilt artist. Join us for one workshop or for the whole series, finishing the series with a quilt showcasing your machine quilting skills.

Thursday, October 12 (time TBA)
Create your Quilting Sampler Quilt Top. Create a stunning, bold palette to showcase your quilting skills.
$35, $ 99 precut kit for top.

Monday, October 16, 1-5pm
Machine Quilting Basics. Learn the basics of quilting with your home machine. This is a strongly suggested prerequisite for the design classes to follow. Instruction will be given in how to prepare your quilt for machine quilting, options in handling the quilt top with easy and ways to eliminate friction as well as exercises for the fledgling machine quilter. Bring your machine to this workshop to work on the basics of machine quilting skill. An additional optional instruction session will immediately follow this workshop to transfer these skills to a long arm machine.

Tuesday, October 17 1-3pm
Marking, Pantographs and Rulers. Support your free motion skills with the assistance of these helpful tools and techniques.
Tuesday, October 17 3-5pm
Free Motion Design. Learn the basics of free motion quilting design. Bring your quilt tops to discuss design options! Learn how to use motifs and themes to unify quilting in your quilts as well as how to best tackle free motion quilting of pieced blocks.

Wednesday and Thursday, October 18-19 (time TBA)
Free Motion Fill Freedom. 3 classes availalbe, Fills 1, 2, and 3. Learn 49 free motion fill patterns. Never be at a loss on how to fill a quilting space. Twelve fill patterns covered daily, with muscle memory emphasis and cue reminders. There will be assigned homework daily to transfer the designs to your quilt sampler.
$30 per day plus book required.

Thursday, October 19 (time TBA)
Botanical Bounty. Learn ten botanical patterns to use in your quilting creations. Mix and match for a floral bouquet of beautiful quilting design options!

Friday, October 20 1-3pm
Borders. Learn how to approach design options for borders. Special focus will be placed on how to incorporate feathers into border patterns.

IF YOU COMPLETE THIS WORKSHOP SERIES AND THE ASSIGNED HOMEWORK, YOU WILL HAVE A COMPLETED A SAMPLER WITH SIXTY FIVE QUILTING DESIGNS! Join us to a greater sense of quilting confidence in this workshop series! This workshop is appropriate for both the home machine quilter and the long arm enthusiast. The skills sets are transferable to both methods of machine quilting.

Art Quilt Series August 2-5, 2017


August 2-5 9 a.m.-3:30 p.m.



Join us for this adventure into creativity! The summer art quilt series will have three target projects:  A Tulip Wall Hanging (shown in the above photo), a Zippered Pouch and a landscape with a focal point of your design!  The workshop format is one hour of direct instruction, followed by two hours of guided instruction with ideas, inspiration, strategies and encouragement to complete the intended target projects.  Come see the projects on display in our shop.  Sign up today.  Workshop series is $349.   Space is limited.  $25 nonrefundable deposit required to hold your spot.  


Contact us today to register

Bluebird Quilt Studio

311 14th Ave South

Nampa ID 83651

Phone:  (208) 467-4148




The Workshop Series Details:

Day 1 am Workshop: Dyeing to create!  Dying fabric immersion, sun printing and  and ice dying techniques.  Project:  Dye up to three yards of pfd cotton  (Hand dyed fabrics are needed for the three class projects.)

Day 1 p.m. Workshop: Painting Fabrics   Direct application of fabric paints/dyes, spray, stencil, monoprinting and sky painting techniques will be explored..  We will provide you with stencils/plans to produce several projects for this series.

Project:  Paint/dye up to three yards of pfd cotton.  (Hand dyed fabrics are needed for the three class projects.)


Day 2 a.m. Workshop: Strategic Planning of an Art Quilt....even for the artistically challenged.  Creating a compelling starting point to launch your art quilt (so that it does not become an uncompelling ufo) will be the focus of this workshop.  Tools and basic art principles to inspire, challenge and bring an element of whimsey and a plan to layer and stitch your designs.  

Project:  Develop a plan for a ufo, and a newly dyed :) piece of fabric with lots of help and inspiration to spare.


Day 2  p.m. Workshop: Machine quilting and applique" techniques for art quilters.  Tips for stitching and adding elements of thread art to your quilt.  We will continue to enhance the design with paint, fibers and markers .

Project:  Quilt the backgrounds of tulip wall hanging and  and apply appliqués of tulip quilt.  


(Note:  To do the machine quilting class during the time allotted in this the enrolled student should be familiar with basic free motion quilting techniques.  (We have a fantastic free motion quilting class, our  QUILTING CONFIDENCE ACADEMY starting June 15-22 if you would like to join us, to improve your free motion stitching skills.)


Day 3 a.m Workshop:  Adding Embellishments to Art Quilts.  A variety of embellishment techniques will be used to create a one of a kind zippered pouch using the quilted backgrounds previously stitched.  Bling, foil, stamps, foil, and many more techniques will be discussed.  

Project:  We will complete the embellishment aspects of our quilt projects.  Bees, floral elements with style, are just too much fun, you'll will unleash your creativity.  Guaranteed to make you smile!


Day 3 p.m Workshop:   Finishing Techniques for art quilts.... traditional and not so traditional ways to  frame, finish and display your new projects.

Project:  We will finish up the tulip and quilted bag projects.


Day 4 a.m.  Making it your own!  Layered Landscapes with YOUR hand dyed sky/landscape fabrics ;)  

Project:  We will help you find your way into your landscape quilt  by assisting  with planning your focal point, layout and  begin execution of the background elements in a land of your imagination.


Day 4 p.m. Making it your own!  Techniques for Preparing and Executing YOUR Own  Layered  Focal Point Appliqués

Tools and techniques to easily execute layered appliqués with artistry and your own personal style.

(Note:  If you prefer, Bluebird has some great kits for this layered appliqué technique.  Precut Laser appliqué kits/patterns are not included with this class, but may be added to your quilted landscape for a great touch.)

Project:  Executing your layered appliqué designs on your landscape background!










Art Quilt Series and required class kit $349 

Includes the entire 4 days   guided instructional series (and lots of encouragement), handouts/ patterns, 4 yards of pfd  and 4 yards of muslin for backings, quilting cotton, batting, bag zipper, stabilizers, hardware, pre cut appliqué’s for the tulip quilt, embellishments (gotta love that bling!), paints, dyes, access to class stencils studio tools for the two class projects.  We've made it easy to create with confidence by gathering all the required supplies for your enjoyment (and no mess to clean up for you!)  Preferential placement given to those who opt for the full series of workshops!


One Day of Quilt art fun!  $79 
Six hours of guided instruction, patterns and access to studio supplies. (no  fabrics, batting or background are provided).  

Single 3 hour workshop $45
Instruction, patterns and access to studio art supplies and embellishments. (no fabrics, batting or background are provided)  


$25 non-refundable deposit required to reserve your spot.


Contact us today to register

Bluebird Quilt Studio

311 14th Ave South

Nampa ID 83651

Phone:  (208) 467-4148












All student will need to bring a sketch pad and colored pencils, a supply of threads (mono filament clear, white, black, red, lime green, sky blue, violet, pink, variegated green, silver and a lightweight 50 wt pale grey bobbin thread ), a working sewing machine with basic supplies and a free motion(darning) foot and quarter inch foot. (pins, scissors). (Those students who are joining us only for a day, you will also need to bring fabrics, batting and batting for your projects.)


Additional pfd fabric, supplemental laser applique kit for landscape class,  or a thread kit may be ordered at additional charge.  If you miss the hand dyed fabric day, let us know and we will hand paint/dye for you and have it ready for a subsequent class.  Please let us know in advance, so we will have it ready for you.


Optional supplies that may be helpful, but are not required:  zipper foot, even-feed foot, light box.